Sunday, June 6, 2010

Over-educated & Under-qualified

Hey gang.

As I crawl into the third week of post-graduate euphoria, from the great state University of No Help, I look around for reasons to live. Writing used to be one of them. So here is a modern-day livejournal to keep me afloat (substitute teen angst for quarter-life crises). I'd like to start with a forward to the brilliant and unfortunately ginger Timothy King and his undying dedication to public outcry. That said, here's my concept:

My college colleagues and I have begun separate paths. Many of us don't have sweet, steady, schooling smiling at us in September. Many of us have loan repayment looming in November. So I thought maybe catching up on good ol' Kayleigh's life might make everybody feel better about their own.

This morning was the first and only that I woke in my parent's handsome, country Candia home and didn't launch into immediate guilty panic. Times are tough (in this economy). It's time to breathe deep and accept and, hopefully, tone down the weeping. Here's what I'm looking forward to this week:

-Three outreaches for employment planned (florist, kennel helper, Raymond Police Dept. dispatcher)
-Dentist appointment Tuesday! Can you stand it?
-Pop's forty-seventh birthday
-A Two-day trip to the seacoast for computerized Praxis exams
-Bike rides. 'nuff said.

So I'm off to a riveting start. I just thought all you sad post-graduates might want to join me in our final grasps at youth and our first reluctant tiptoes toward responsibility. Keep in text.


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