Monday, June 14, 2010

Updates and Snapdragons

Yo, yiggity yo.

This blogging is really happening for me. Updates on the "things to look forward to" section from last week.

Dentist: three cavities, with no hope for filling them in sight.
Flower deliverer job: got it. A rocking, and never-rising, eight dollars per hour. Side note, got a call about a sweet interview at a hotel that I won't have time to schedule.
Bike ride: Ate shit, took eight days off to re-coop. Will probably take a few more. Hey, NH Bike Trail Authority, how about a cone in those massive holes of water damage. Warn a bitch next time.
Trip to the Coast: A dream come true, as expected. Cannot wait to return.

So far the job is a lot of lifting driving and lifting again. Gonna make it all the way to Berlin at some point tomorrow. I've decided to try to snag an interview at Hampton Suites. It's damn near impossible to imagine a job that could pay less than this one I've snagged. I want to appreciate the opportunity to raise cash in this economy, but with so little coming in things look pretty abysmal. At least I've never wanted to use this teaching degree so much in my life.

I can hear the quaint Mill-town gurgle of river water from here. That Newmarket/Dover area awesomeness. I want, I want. I want so much not to worry anymore. Oh, livejournal. You're the only place that deserves this post.


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